This time around the subject of our weekly Hi-Fives feature is Rick Matthews of Matthews Effects. Matthews Effects, although fairly new on the scene, have been gaining a solid reputation for their build quality and garnering rave reviews for the tones their pedals produce. Read on to catch Rick's take on our series of random top five questions:


Top five things for starting your own company

  1. Know your customer and be as close and honest as you can 
  2. Be creative and unique, do something that's going to stand you out from every other company in your field.
  3. Stay out of debt for as long as possible and be strategic about your investments.
  4. Focus on customer service above making a quick buck. You will keep customers longer. 
  5. Have fun! Don't let the weight of work take the fun and passion out of what you 


Top five all time favorite circuits

  1. Dm-2 love vintage bbd analog delay
  2. Rat circuit (there is so much you can do with it!) 
  3. Echoplex 
  4. Pearl od-1 
  5. Vintage ibanez digital delays (all of them. Thanks josh scott) 


Top five circuit experiments

  1. lfo's are so fun to play with! 
  2. Toying with transistors instead of relying on op-amps
  3. Start with a concept and just trying things on a bread-board
  4. Learning micro-controllers
  5. Spin


Top five guitar tones on record

  1. Johnny be good- chuck berry 
  2. The Thrill is gone- BB King 
  3. Trademark-Eric Johnson
  4. No surprises-Radiohead
  5. Midnight in Harlem- Tedeshi Trucks Band


Top five things about living in Washington state

  1. There are like 5 different kinds of Eco-systems 
  2. The culture is amazing
  3. We know the most about coffee
  4. We have the best music
  5. We have monster sturgeon as big as people in the Columbia river 


Top five bands from the North West

  1. deathcab for cutie
  2. decemberists 
  3. fleet foxes
  4. band of horses
  5. nirvanna 


Top five reasons to stay home

  1. netflix
  2. hulu
  3. Ps4
  4. Playing guitar
  5. building pedals


Top five living guitar players

  1. Eric Clapton
  2. Eric Johnson 
  3. Derek trucks 
  4. Jeff beck
  5. albert lee


Top five things to do not guitar related

  1. Video games
  2. Antiquing 
  3. Comics
  4. Board games
  5. Movies


Top five foods you can’t stand

  1. Anything green...
  2. Pickled pigs feet 
  3. Chutney 
  4. Onions 
  5. Carrot cake 


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