For this week's edition of the Hi-Fives we did something a little different. Up until now we've been focusing on the builders behind the brands we carry, this week we thought we'd venture outside that circle. Lance Seymour is a session guitar player based in Atlanta, GA but many of you would know him as the guy behind @geartalk on instagram. For those unfamiliar give @geartalk a follow for a great news feed, gear photos, contests and general insights into the gear world.


Top five things about running @geartalk

  1. gear, tons and tons of gear.
  2. getting to review and demo the best gear in the world.
  3. helping make someone truly happy when they win a giveaway.
  4.  the never ending opportunity to practice patience, understanding and acceptance
  5. making friends all over the world. if geartalk vanished tomorrow, i would still have life long friends that i met from this amazing community


Top five favorite pedals of all time

  1. diamond ML2
  2. cusack music screamer fuzz
  3. my ’86 RAT
  4. eventide H9 MAX
  5. analogman King Of Tone


Top five guitar tones on record

  1. yakety axe - chet atkins & mark knopfler
  2. sons of thirteen - pat metheny 
  3. angus & malcolm young
  4. keith urban - sweet thing
  5. brian may


Top five things to bring to a session

  1. a tuner
  2. pad and pencil
  3. all the pedalz
  4. coffee
  5. your A game


Top five lamest riffs you know

  1. play that funky music - wild cherry
  2. higher - creed
  3. footloose - kenny loggins
  4. beer for my horses - toby keith
  5. treasure -bruno mars 


Top five musical guilty pleasures

  1. katy perry
  2. not sure if i feel guilty or proud that i love ‘all night long’ by the great Lionel Richie
  3. new country (on very rare occasions)
  4. arms of the angel - sarah mcclachlan
  5. nothin compare 2 U - sinead o’conner version


Top five impulse purchases

  1. my early 60’s Silvertone 1423, bought at 2nd Gear nashville. formerly owned by the legendary tom bukovac
  2. dr. z carmen ghia, used at GC, never regretted it
  3. ’72 gibson SG from brad jetter of jetter pedals. he gave me a steal of a deal. i record with it almost every day
  4. vintage mesa-boogie markI, it’s been a true workhorse for me
  5. my cusack music screamer fuzz i bought at 2013’s gear talk expo. i think everyone who attended bought one that day. 


Top five shows you wish you could have witnessed

  1. prince’s show on dec 31st 1999
  2. NIN when pino palladino was playing bass for them
  3. any live show by jimi hendrix or srv
  4. clapton when derek trucks and doyle bramhall II were touring with him
  5. jeff buckley


Top five dream guitars

  1. elliott guitars raven
  2. elliott guitars tonemaster
  3. suhr classic antique s
  4. duesenberg pomona lapsteel
  5. ’62 gibson 335


Top five instagram accounts to follow

  1. @deebeeus
  1. @puisheen
  1. @maschio23
  1. @arkay1959
  1. @fjlorente

these 5 guys not only have amazing gear, but they take gorgeous photos of their gear and share. i love them all.


this was fun. thanks, coast sonic



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