For the start of our second round of Hi-Fives we have none other than Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics! Read on to get Robert's take on our series of random top five questions. 


Top five things about running your own company

  1. Three day weekends
  2. Never run out of toilet paper
  3. Do as I say not as I do
  4. The relationship with customers
  5. Mentoring co-workers


Top five all time pedals

  1. Ross Compressor
  2. Keeley Oxblood Overdrive
  3. Boss BD-2
  4. Line 6 DL4
  5. Mu-Tron III


Top five current pedals that you wish you’d made

  1. Strymon Big Sky Reverb
  2. JHS Color Box
  3. Earthquaker Rainbow Machine
  4. Catalinread Echorec
  5. EHX Soul Food


Top five worst jobs you’ve held

  1. Pizza Hut delivery boy
  2. Lawn boy
  3. Newspaper Ad boy
  4. Warehouse boy
  5. Cookie maker


Top five riffs we’d be surprised you know

  1. De Boatman’s Dance 1843
  2. Wilco - Impossible Germany
  3. Frank Zappa - Cruisin' for Burgers
  4. Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun
  5. Beethoven’s Razumovsky Quartet


Top five things that confuse you

  1. People
  2. Convolution Integrals
  3. Lawyers
  4. Citizens debating politics
  5. How much a fool can understand


Top five things we don’t know about Keeley Electronics

  1. My first circuit boards led to holes in the kitchen table
  2. We’re not in Oakland, the 415, we are in Oklahoma, the 405
  3. I still clean toilets regularly
  4. Number of pedal companies that have grown from here
  5. The amount of taxes we pay


Top five things about living in Oklahoma

  1. Cheap dirt
  2. Cheap sunshine
  3. Cheap gas
  4. Cheap food
  5. The day of Spring


Top five languishing projects

  1. Parallel Mixer
  2. Digital potentiometer based Tube Screamer with presets
  3. Audio Looper
  4. Optocoupler based overdrive
  5. Tape Delay using micro cassettes


Top five reasons to take a sick day

  1. Road trip with my wife
  2. Work on the house
  3. Watch Lost
  4. Cook
  5. Show up at the office by surprise


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