Time once again for the Hi-Fives, this time around we've got Union Tube & Transistor's mastermind Chris Young! Give it a read to get his take on our mini interview of top 5 questions.

Top five Canadian Musicians/Bands of all time

1. Slow
2. Copyright (Circle C)
3. Huevos Rancheros
4. Rheostatics
5. Blue Rodeo

Top five things about living in Vancouver

1. The tap water.
2. Winter (relative to the rest of Canada).
3. The green.
4. Vancouverites.
5. The rain (as an excuse to stay in and play music).

Top five best things about running your own company

1. Making our own hours.
2. No bean counters.
3. Casual everyday.
4. Writing off Smarties.
5. Blowing off work for mid-week ramen and a movie.

Top five artists you’ve heard have used Union pedals

1. Jack White
2. Daniel Lanois
3. Marc Ribot
4. Colin Cripps
5. Feist

Top five songs you love but wouldn’t want people to know

1. 1999
2. West End Girls
3. Don't Dream It's Over
4. Kickstart my heart
5. Diamonds On The Souls of Her Shoes

Top five pedals you wish you had come up with

1. Empress tremolo
2. Pefftronics rand-o-matic
3. Boss VB-2
4. EHX 16 Second Delay
5. Digitech Whammy

Top five go-to guitar riffs when testing pedals

1. Transfiguration - Copyright
2. Have Not Been The Same - Slow
3. Queen Bitch - David Bowie
4. Dead Man - Neil Young (Soundtrack from the film)
5. Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones

Top five dream collection guitars

1. White penguin
2. 63 Mahogany strat
3. 72 Tele custom
4. D-28 or J-45
5. P-Bass

Top five pointless purchases

1. Any amp with a graphic EQ.
2. Nylon guitar straps.
3. String cleaners.
4. Patch cables without workable ends.
5. Solid state amps (and tube pedals).

Top five fictional Canadians

1. Desmond Howl
2. Joe Dick
3. Calvin Bouvier
4. Bernard Shakey
5. Bryan Adams

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