Hi-Fives with Greer Amps' Nick Greer

This time around we subject Nick Greer of Greer Amps to our series of random interview questions for our regular Hi-Fives Feature. Get some top 5's from the man behind the Tarpit Fuzz, and the Southland and Lightspeed Overdrives.


Top 5 overdrives of all time.

  1. Greer Lightspeed (sorry, I just love that pedal).
  2. Way Huge Red Llama (original).
  3. Bondi Sick As.
  4. Nobels ODR-1
  5. Greer Ghetto Stomp (apologies again…it’s one of my go-to sounds).


Top 5 worst pedals ever made.

  1. Metalzone.
  2. Metalzone again (it’s just that bad).
  3. Ibanez Sountank series (your pedal can just shatter mid gig).
  4. Wah pedals at the wrong guitarist’s feet…not every single note needs some quack!
  5. MXR Blue Box.


Top 5 best things about running your own company.

  1. The ability to take things from ideas to finished products.
  2. Working with some of the best friends I’ve ever had.
  3. Watching orders come in and go out, and watching Greer Amps grow.
  4. Going to guitar stores I’ve always wanted to go to, as a “business” trip!
  5. Building something, or signing a big artist, and having that “oh yeahhhhhh” moment.


Top 5 dead musicians.

  1. Jeff Buckley
  2. Vic Chesnutt
  3. Roy Buchanan
  4. Levon Helm
  5. Wes Montgomery


Top 5 truck stop/impulse purchases.

  1. Taquitos (lots of them).
  2. A $3 rap CD that was handed to me in the parking lot of a Marathon station…the guy self-produced it…it’s actually pretty good—don’t judge me!
  3. 3 cans of Four Loko, and 5 honey buns…we were snowed in, and could only make it as far as the closest gas station.  This combo will keep you alive…kinda.
  4. A trucker hat that says “Booty Hunter.”
  5. Beef jerky from Bucee’s…it’s like heaven in dried form.


Top 5 jobs if you weren’t building pedals and amps.

  1. Trail guide.
  2. Touring guitarist.
  3. Architect.
  4. Graphic designer.
  5. Woodworker.


Top 5 Athens Artists (all time).

  1. Five Eight
  2. Vic Chesnutt
  3. Dreams So Real
  4. Jet By Day
  5. Drive By Truckers (Jason Isbell)


Top 5 reasons to stay home.

  1. It’s snowing—this town shuts down, just stay inside.
  2. It’s 107 degrees outside, and the humidity is unbearable…again…stay inside.
  3. The sun is out, there’s a brand new bag of charcoal, and we just procured a 30 pack of PBR.  It’s time to grill.
  4. It’s time for some decibel therapy, and there’s a 4x12 and a BA Ferguson SMT guitar that need to breathe fire.
  5. Bacon.


Top 5 pet peeves.

  1. Getting pedals in for “repair” that simply have a dead battery.
  2. Opening up a vintage amp for repair to find that some previous tech did a hack job on it.
  3. Chronic complainers.
  4. Politicians…of all kinds…they’re professional liars.
  5. Taxes.


Top 5 things people don’t know about your company.

  1. We’ve designed for a lot of other companies.
  2. We work with wayyyy more artists than our “artist” page reflects on our website.
  3. We have a hot dog roller in the shop, and it’s glorious.
  4. Nick’s dad (Big Ronnie) drills all of the pedal enclosures, and always has.
  5. Everything started on Big Ronnie’s pool table.


Top 5 things about living in Athens, GA.

  1. It’s a great mix of people.
  2. The local music scene is amazing.
  3. Great food, and the beer flows like wine.
  4. Football season is always interesting…go dawgs!
  5. Jittery Joe’s Coffee is the best on the planet, and it’s right down the road from the shop!


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