This week's edition of our Hi-Fives mini interview feature has us picking the brain of Mojo Hand Effect's Brad Fee. Read on to catch Brad's take on our series of random top 5 questions.


1. Top five worst jobs you’ve held

1. Highway Maintenance Crew - Weed eating aroung culvert and drainage ditches, I lasted one day. 
2. General Laborer on Construction Site - It consisted of every dirty/backbreaking job that nobody else wanted.
3. Industrial Insulation Installer - Itchy, Hot, and Terrible.
4. Scaffold Carpenter - Same as #3 minus itchy.
5. Bread Delivery Truck (Assistant) - 3 AM start, lasted one day

2. Top five guilty TV pleasures

1. The Office - I don't really consider any of these guilty pleasures, but I am a hard-core sucker for the Office. I've watched every episode multiple times. 
2. The X-Files - If it's on I will watch it. Always. 
3. Arrested Development - See #1 and 2.
4. Longmire -  It's totally not my "normal" thing, but I love it. 
5. Lost - The ending still bugs me, but I was sucked in, big time. I probably spent as many hours reading nerdy internet hypothesis about the show as I did watching it. 

3. Top five best things about running your own company

1. I love being able to take off when I want and do things with my wife and kids. That's my primary reason for being self-employed.
2. I like the idea of "plowing my own field". I'm not working to make someone else rich. If I give it my all and succeed then my family reaps the benefits. 
3. Creative freedom - If I have a weird idea we try it. 
4. Alternately, I like being able to switch gears without having to explain myself. If something isn't working out we ditch it. 
5. Interaction with like-minded people. 

4. Top five bands you could do without

1. Morrissey - I can't abide.
2. This is going to make people hate me. The Beatles. Yes, I said the Beatles.  I understand that they were talented, vocal harmonies, layering, all that stuff. I just don't like to listen to them.  And that's what matters, right? 
3. The Doors - I don't think an explanation is necessary. 
4. Steely Dan - Hard pass. 
5. Rush - Great musicians, but I can't take the vocals. 

5. Top five lamest riffs you can play

1. Stay by Lisa Loeb - I don't even know why.
2. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple - Every kid with a guitar knows this, which makes it unbearable. 
3. Iron Man by Black Sabbath - Same as #2.
4. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Having played this approximately 10,000 times in a cover band, I would be happy to never hear it again. 
5. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong by The Spin Doctors - Yes, I really know it. 

6. Top five non-music related pastimes

1. Dad stuff  - I love just hanging out with my kids. 
2. Reading - Fiction, Non-fiction, it doesn't matter. I love to read. 
3. TV and Film - I used to be more of a film buff, but these days TV is just as good or better. 
4. Cooking/BBQ -  Smoking meat, making man food.  
5. Kayaking - I don't do it as much as I would like to these days, but I love being on a secluded river with just a kayak and a paddle. 

7. Top five pedals of all time

1. Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
2. Boss DD-3
3. MXR Phase 45
4. ProCo Rat
5. Line 6 DL-4

8. Top five junk foods

1. Zapp's Voodoo Gumbo Potato Chips
2. Kar's Sweet and Spicy Mix
3. Chick-O-Stick
4. Tastykake Mini Cinnamon Donuts
5. Flamin' Hot Cheetos

9. Top five foods that scare you

1. Escargot
2. Sardines
3. Brussel Sprouts
4. Haggis
5. Menudo

10. Top five things about Texas

1. Lockhart, Texas - Step out of your vehicle anywhere in downtown Lockhart and it smells like BBQ. Lockhart is like Mecca for smoked meat aficionados.  Kreuz, Black's, Smitty's, they're all great. 

2. The People - I've met some of the friendliest, most genuine, hard-working people that I've ever come across in Texas.

3. The Food - Seriously, you can find great Tex-mex almost anywhere in the state, and you can get better meat at a gas station (Rudy's) than you can find at most "authentic" BBQ joints outside of Texas. 

4. Geographical Diversity - From the beaches of Galveston or South Padre to the mountains and canyons of Big Bend National Park, you can see a wider range of scenery than almost any other state.

5. Central Texas - Everyone loves Austin, myself included, but if you venture out to other towns like Fredericksburg, Luling, or Lockhart, you'll find that they have just as much to offer. 


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