A big thanks to everyone who entered our first Coast Sonic Instagram giveaway contest that we ran in association with @geartalk and Epigaze Audio. Congrats to our winner @jaward - be sure and be following us on Instagram to keep up to date with all of our future giveaways.

Stop by effectsbay.com to read an interview they did with us about the launch of Coast Sonic and what's inshore for the coming year.

Union Tube & Transistor are building a stellar reputation for making beautifully hand crafted pedals and we are very excited to add them to the Coast Sonic family. They exemplify all the traits we value in the brands we carry; hand crafted, attention to detail and a passion for creating great tones. No wonder they have found fans in artists from Jack White to Neil Young.

The second recent new addition is Mercy Seat EffectsBuilder Austin Cobb sought to create a line that not only delivered stellar tones but also exemplified the hand made feel. Every Mercy Seat pedal is completely hand made, right down to the custom painted enclosures. Most of the Mercy Seat line finds it's roots in the classic effect and vintage amp tones we've grown to love. American made....in Germany.

We've got a few really cool, exclusive projects that we'll be announcing in the next few weeks. Be sure to be following us on social media or sign up for our mailing list bellow this post to be the first to hear when we release these unique and truly one of a kind pedals in the very near future.



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