We are excited to announce that we have added Fuzzhugger to the growing list of brands in the Coast Sonic family! Our first order is currently being made and should be arriving in the next few weeks. Here is a sneak peak at their latest creation: the Phasehugger.

The PhaseHugger is a 4-stage OTA phaser with 4 knobs to take you from subtle and sweet to fat and chewy, funky, swooshy, spacey, and everything in between. Speeds from long swooshes to near ring mod effects.There's a huge range of feedback, rate, and depth, topped off with a volume control so you'll never get lost in the mix. It is lovingly hand-made in Pennsylvania, from drilling, to graphics, to assembly, and wiring. Follow us on social media to know when Fuzzhuger Effects are in stock.


Coast Sonic