Wren and Cuff Suppa Phat Phuk JFET/Germanium Hybrid Boost

Maker: Wren and Cuff

Model: Suppa Phat Phuk Germanium Boost

Condition: New



The super son of the one knob beasts, the Phat Phuk guitar, and Phat Phuk bass, the Suppa Phat Phuk is the same well loved buffered dirty germanium boost as before, with two new tweakable knobs.

First is the bias knob, a mega useful add-on allowing on the fly adjustments to the germanium transistor's voltage feed, giving more or less grit to the sound (this adjustment was formerly only able to be tweaked via an internal trim pot).

Another handy add-on is the Phatness knob, which let's you roll between the beefy lows of the Phat B, and the mid-range goodness of the Phat Guitar. Turn the knob even more for a tone beyond either of its predecessors reminiscent of the old germanium treble boosts of yore.

For those who have never experienced either of the original one knob Phats, this pedal delivers a hybrid, modern meets-vintage dirty boost that can be the ultimate for adding grit and gain to a solo or chorus, and/or can be used as an "always on" preamp to bring life and character to an otherwise anemic sounding setup.
So quit the diet and become a proud Suppa Phat Phuk. 



  • Volume: Adjusts the output level 
  • Bias: Allows you to adjust the voltage feeding the germanium transistor. Lets you fine-tune a more clean sounding boost, or dial in the dirt for a more gritty overall tone.
  • Phatness: This is a high-pass filter allowing you to boost or cut the lows.



Type: Boost

Vendor: Wren and Cuff

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