Supro Blues King 8 Combo Amplifier

Maker: Supro

Model: Blues King 8

Condition: New



TheBlues King 8is a modern rendition of the low-wattage Supro amplifiers that were produced in Chicago during the mid 1950s. Every element of the Blues King 8 amplifier was developed from scratch to deliver the legendary headroom and dynamics that define the vintage Supro sound. This timeless tonal recipe includes a genuine Class-A all-tube signal path, custom 8” speaker and vintage-style wood cabinetry.When your guitar signal hits the front end of the Blues King 8, it goes directly into a 12AX7 tube preamp, where the audio is gained up and sent to a 12AU7 triode power amp that is capable of delivering a whopping 1 watt of pure American guitar tone. The Blues King 8 stays true to the Supro legacy by faithfully delivering a broad palette of clean and dirty tones for professional recording and home practice environments. Simply put, this little amp produces an enormous studio sound when placed in front of a microphone.The front panel of the Blues King 8 offers Volume, Tone and Master Volume controls, along with a footswitchable Boost function that adjusts the gain of the tube preamp. The Blues King 8 also features a Line Output that allows this combo amp to double as an outboard tube distortion unit feeding another amplifier or DAW. The Line Output in the Blues King 8 is conveniently located before the Master Volume, allowing you to crank the preamp gain while blending in the sound of the on-board 8” speaker to taste.The vintage-inspired poplar cabinetry is based on the mid-50’s Spectator modelandcomes loaded with a BK8 speaker. This custom-made, 8” driver was specifically designed to capture the magic of the original field-coil speakers used by amp makers at the dawn of the electric age. Plug into a Blues King 8 at your local Supro dealer andDiscover the Legend.


• 1-watt 1x8”all-tube combo

• Footswitchable boost

• ¼” line out

• Class-A tube power amp

• Custom Supro BK8 speaker

• 1x 12AX7 preamp tube

• 1x 12AU7 power tube

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