Supro 1275JB Tri Tone

Maker: Supro

Model: Tri-Tone

Condition: New


Along with the distinctive jet-black color, reverse stairstep tailpiece, brushed gold hardware and stylized double pickguard, a defining highlight of the original instrument was the trio of Ralph Keller-designed Vistatone pickups. Although they look like humbuckers, Vistatone pickups are in fact noise-cancelling single coil pickups that deliver a ton of output. For the brand new 2019 Tri Tone, we’ve used the triple-pickup format to combine a pair of authentic Vistatone pickups in the neck and bridge position, with an overwound Super Alnico unit in the bridge. Custom-made for the 2019 Tri Tone, these powerful, vintage-correct single coil pickups deliver a wide variety of Supro tones, ranging from warm jazz and smoldering blues to southern rock and fuzzed-out psychedelia. The full sonic palette of the Tri Tone can be accessed using the dedicated volume knobs for each pickup, the 5-way selector switch and the master volume control.

1275JB Specifications

● Mahogany Body

● Set Neck with Black Satin Finish

● Brushed Gold Vistatone Neck & Middle Pickups

● Brushed Gold Super Alnico Bridge Pickup

● Pau Ferro Fretboard

● Block Acrylic Inlays

● 24.75″ Scale Length

● Gold Hardware

        Type: Guitars

        Vendor: Supro

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