Stone Deaf FX PDF-1X Parametric Distortion Filter

Maker: Stone Deaf FX

Model: PDF-1X

Condition: New 



Its been 10 years since Stone Deaf presented its first offering the PDF-1 to the world and they have decided by popular demand to bring it back but to keep the features of the PDF-2 as well as add some new things to the circuit.

We present to you the Ltd Edition PDF-1X. This is a combination of the original PDF- 1 and PDF-2 with a limited number of units being manufactured World Wide.

The PDF-1X takes the best bits of both units and combines them for a set and forget pedal board staple as well as a studio recording tool to bring life to dead tone and bland amps.

As many of you already know, if you have owned a PDF-2 or PDF-1 it’s lacked a volume knob which we have added. They have also tucked away the gain knob to an internal trim pot which is a set and forget feature. The volume knob however opens up a variety of tonal options on both channels being able to drive clean amps into overdrive or manage tone at lower levels.

The soft clipping circuit is set to PDF-1 territory from manufacture so adjust accordingly to get PDF-2 gain by using the internal gain trim pot.

The PDF-1X is Stone Deaf’s ® most versatile offering combining boost, cut, Parametric EQ, Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz Tones as well as Expression.

It will also work on bass, synth or other instruments should you wish to experiment, so it is quite possibly one of the most versatile analog pedals on the market today.


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