Selah Effects Quartz Timer V2

Maker: Selah Effects

Model: Quartz Timer V2

Condition: New



Stop tap dancing

Syncing your pedals is about to get a whole lot easier!
Whether your pedal accepts a Normally Open tap signal, Normally Closed tap signal, TRS tap configuration, MIDI Clock, or needs a custom Midi Message sent every quarter note, the Quartz Timer can sync them to a specified BPM.

Name each of your songs (or parts of songs) with up to 30 characters per name, and set a colour for them.

It is also a powerful Midi Controller, sending Program Changes, Control Changes, or any other MIDI message you’d like. Not only can it generate these signals, but can receive MIDI Clock and MIDI Program Changes, at the same time passing any other Midi Messages through, enabling it to fit in with your favourite MIDI Controller (if you'd still like to keep it). Each preset can send up to 20 custom midi messages, so you aren't stuck with pre-defined MIDI functions set by the manufacturer. 

Plug an external footswitch into the Quartz and make it even easier to control on the fly. With 2 footswitches you get 4 functions at your toe-tips and you can choose what these functions are. So if you don't like what the footswitches do, change them!

It can also translate a standard metronome audio signal into a BPM that it can use to generate Midi and Tap signals.

The Quartz V2 is easy to customise and powerful when you do. Download the computer interface software here and start setting up your setlist!

    Type: Controllers

    Vendor: Selah Effects

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