Selah Effects Misty Mountain Fuzz

Maker: Selah Effects

Model: Misty Mountain Fuzz

Condition: New


Description:  Not your ordinary Fuzz pedal.

We all enjoy fuzz pedals but get frustrated with the lack of usability and options available. We set out to create a pedal that can pull classic 8bit fuzz tones but also be used as a full and rich overdrive/distortion.
The Misty Mountain Fuzz has 4 interactive controls; Level, Tone, Gate and Mist. The gate is what separates the usable from the insanity. Ranging from smooth amp like overdrive/distortion to an old super Nintendo. The mist is what sets the gain, it allows the user to dial in a gain level suitable for most styles of playing.
As in all our pedals we have spent countless hours sourcing the best components for the job. All pedals come in a vintage powder coated baby blue with engraved text and images. We think all guitarists will benefit from this pedal and will enjoy its unique sounds and usability!



    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Selah Effects

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