Satellite Amplifiers Black Clipper Distortion

Maker: Satellite Amplifiers

Model: Black Clipper

Condition: New



The folks over at Satellite Amps we're cleaning up the shop recently and unearthed an out-of-print gem; the Black Clipper. Made a few years ago as an edition of 100 that are since long gone. We've got one only - first come, first served - signed by Adam.


Satellite Amplifiers Black Clipper Distortion pedal. Inspired by the vintage Blue Clipper distortion, we followed the Satellite path of pushing envelopes over the top. Distortion and boost all in one gnarly package.

There are only going to be 100 total of the Black Clipper Distortion pedals being sold. When they're gone, they're gone.
The all steel enlosure is made just for us, and is one of the most durable foot pedals we have ever seen. Powder coated for longer life. The switch portion is ramped for ease of switching.

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