Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein's DWARF Bleep Bass and Igor

Maker: Rainger FX

Model: Dr. Freakenstein's DWARF Bleep Bass and Igor

Condition: New




This does everything the Dwarf Bass does – but also has ‘Bleep’ capability of the guitar versions

Adjust the trimpot through a baseplate port to change from the regular behaviour, into full fuzz-bleep weirdness and rhythmic oscillation – present at the start and end of each note.

The Bleep Bass ‘Overtone’ pot sets the bleep pitch, from a low square wave up to very high, while the Igor controller works as usual – press with your foot (or hand), and the overtone pitch changes – including bleep pitch. The trimpot adjusts their length and speed.

Adjust the trimpot the other way to go back to standard setting at any time.

It has the built-in noise gate, increased low-end, and LED showing Igor action of the regular Dwarf Bass, but can add an ‘arcade game’ edge to the notes. Switch on the built-in LFO and the bleeps rise and fall steadily…. Press on Igor and the speed builds to a chattering alien…

This is a ground-breaking pedal making outrageous new sounds, and really expanding the standard palette of ‘fuzz bass’ – with real-time control!

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Rainger FX

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