Pelican Noiseworks Half Horse Fuzz

Maker: Pelican Noiseworks

Model: Half Horse Fuzz

Condition: New




The Half Horse is a continuation on the original inspiration for the Pelitaur.  Fuzz versatility.  The left side of the Pelitaur is where this all started.  This Jfet based fuzz has been tuned even further to provide extra touch sensitivity and control.  From low gain fuzz that is approaching the line of dirty overdrive to all out sputtery Velcro ripping fuzz, the Half Horse covers a lot of ground with three simple controls.


GRAIN- simply a gain control for the the fuzz with a massive knob that can be easily tweaked with your foot.  This acts as a texture control of sorts.

OUTPUT- overall output volume

SOUND- basically a tone control but what does the word tone even mean?  Turning this control all the way clockwise activates super fun mode!  Shhh... it's a secret.  

All top-mounted jacks

Soft touch relay bypass switching

Standard 9V DC center negative power


    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Pelican Noiseworks

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