PedalMonsters White Lightning Overdrive V2 Limited Edition

Maker: PedalMonsters

Model: White Lightning Overdrive V2

Condition: New



We made some great improvements to make this overdrive one of the most unique pedals on the market.  We supercharged the overdrive with a charge pump to produce 18v, which will deliver more headroom, improved dynamics and overall feel of the pedal.  The White Lightning recreates the old sounds of supro amps, recognizeable from legendary tones from Hendrix to Zeppelin.  It'll add an array of colorful tones to any guitarists arsenal. 

Lastly, we added a unique touch to this overdrive that takes it into new territory.  We added a voltage feature that allows you to adjust the output voltage from 1-18v.  If you thought the supro style pedal couldn't get any better, wait till you give the White Lightning a try.  Sag the voltage and get ripping, screeching tones that border on fuzz like textures, the options and sounds are truly endless with this pedal. 

We couldn't stop playing with this pedal because of all the sounds that we were getting, and we think it'll make an excellent addition to your pedal family.  Adopt one today!



**This pedal requires a standard 9v DC negative power and will drink all the milk in your house.


      Type: Overdrive

      Vendor: Pedal Monsters

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