Ohmless Pedals Valve Splitter Booster

Maker: Ohmless Pedals

Model: Valve

Condition: New



This pedal takes care of a very common problem when running your rig with two guitars: uneven guitar signals.

Valve allows you to adjust the volume of channel B to channel A with the help of a clean boost, offering two equal signals that will run through your board. No more adjusting your pedals to different signal strengths. 

In addition, a buffered splitter provides the perfect input impedance to your rig, providing a clear sound, no matter how many pedals you're using, and an additional tuner out to take your tuner out of the chain. The tuner out can also be used to run stereo signals.



3PDT-Switch - Changes between channel A and B

Volume - Adjusts output of channel B to match the volume of channel A


  • Neutrik jacks for durability
  • High quality 24AWG solid wiring
  • No battery support
  • Standard 9V negative center DC input

Current consumption at 9V DC: 20mA

    Type: Utility

    Vendor: Ohmless Pedals

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