Noisemaker Effects Soviet Overdrive

Maker: Noisemaker Effects

Model: Soviet Overdrive

Condition: New


Description:  Noisemaker Effects is a boutique guitar and bass effects company dedicated to providing high quality, great sounding, boutique effects pedals at prices that real musicians can afford.

All of our pedals are built by hand with top quality parts, point to point wiring, and original, great sounding circuits.
The Soviet is an overdrive that has seen various incarnations here at Noisemaker Effects over the past couple years - and this is the product of all that design work. 
The Soviet is a gritty, low gain overdrive, designed to give you the natural breakup of an amp. Like a well-worn, vintage amplifier, the Soviet gives its own flavor of grit, with just a bit of bite, but good saturation. It’s perfect for anything from some Indie Jangle up to some crunchy rock. 

Like all Noisemaker Effects products, the Soviet is hand made from high quality parts in the USA.

The Soviet features:
- Durable Aluminum Enclosure
- 9v Standard Boss Style power adapter
- High Brightness LED
- Volume and Gain Controls
- Op-Amp based circuit

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