Mythos Pedals SusMaryOsep V2

Maker: Mythos Pedals

Model: SusMaryOsep V2

Condition: New



An update to the unique collaboration between Mythos Pedals and guitarist R.J. Ronquillo! The SusMaryOsep! V2 offers a wider array of tones compared to the initial release and we’re so excited for players to get their hands on this unique 3 in 1!

In early 2019 R.J. and Zach began tossing ideas around to create a unique drive/echo pedals and that evolved into the SusMaryOsep! What does SusMaryOsep mean? Well it’s a common Filipino slang word that mothers yell at their children. But what is the pedal you ask? That’s a little more complicated! The V2 ditches the sliders for knobs and gives players a Silicon Treble booster, and updated Herculean circuit and the same echo as before just with controls on the face. The switching has been refined for less popping and we’ve tried our hardest to spare no expense in creating exactly what R.J. wanted.

The Treble Boost is our take on the classic germanium design just reworked for a more consistent Silicon Transistor. This gives the boost a slightly more aggressive and tighter feel and with it’s 3 way tone switch you can get those bright sounds but also a mid forward and bass heavy sound that when paired with the Overdrive circuit gives you one of the widest array of drive tones in a Mythos Pedal to date. In addition there are two internal trimmers that will allow you to change the gain range and bias of the boost if you want to do so.

The Overdrive is our Herculean V2 only this time we’ve adjusted it for a more open voice. We’re relying completely on the op amp for clipping and it gives an incredible amount of headroom and amp like response to this already dynamic drive.

The Echo portion is the same as before with it’s PT2399 chipset but now the controls are easily adjustable on the face with two small dots to indicate R.J.’s preferred slap setting! The large knob just adjusts the Mix. Don’t let this echo fool you, this is a musical and fun to play delay that has a vintage voice that want’s to runaway on your but never does.

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