Mr. Black Eterna Gold Modified Shimmer Reverb

Maker: Mr. Black

Model: Eterna Gold

Condition: New



To Eterna, and beyond...

The second coming of Shimmer Reverb.  Built on the foundation of our beloved Eterna, the Eterna Gold features a modified reverb algorithm including:


  • Expanded decay: over a 60 second tail!!
  • Shimmer-swell coupled with standard shimmer
  • Multiple early reflections
  • Augmented reverb voicing

    Infinity and the magnitude of time.

    The breath of yesterday delicately caresses a shadow of tomorrow, as a touch of shimmering radiance soars across the endless sky. What once was dissolves into forever. Breathtaking, beautiful and inspirational, we bring forth: Eterna.

    A remarkable, lush and fully capable reverberator.



      Type: reverb

      Vendor: Mr. Black

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