Mr. Black Double Chorus Limited Edition White

Maker: Mr. Black

Model: Double Chorus Limited Edition White

Condition: New



We'll get right to it this time. The DoubleChorus has been out of production for a bit and some very vocal folks have been distraught ever since. We hear you! It is a very unique, and very rich sounding pedal.

That said, we don't have production capacity to make these as a standard item without disrupting the current lineup.

So what we are going to do is produce a limited batch in two never-before-seen colorways. Get them while they are available, because once they are gone, they're gone.

An ocean of diamonds. Yup. That’s what it sounds like.

Thanks for supporting Mr. Black and rockin’ a DoubleChorus. It’s fucking stunning.

Every Mr. Black pedal is designed and handmade in the rainy pacific-northwest-- Portland, OR if you wanna get “exact.”

DoubleChorus is an enigmatic modulation effect adding as much depth and texture as you like. And it can get THICK.

Making it sound epic:

  • Get comfy. This pedal is gonna change your life. You don’t want to be uncomfortable for that, do ya?

  • Plug your guitar into the input jack on the right side of the pedal and your amp into the output jack on the left side of the pedal.

  • Turn all the knobs to noon (straight up).

  • Turn your amp on.

  • Strum a chord. Pretty normal, right?

  • Step on the foot-switch so that the LED turns on.

  • Strum a chord and pick your jaw up off the floor.


  • Super-extra-plus-plus chorusing via four modulated delay lines

  • Outstandingly thick and rich when fed with your favorite distortion pedal (or in your effects loop -- hint, hint...)

  • True-bypass

  • 9V power (2.1mm negative center pin

    adapter) or internal 9V battery

To replace the 9V battery, grab your trusty philips head screwdriver and remove the four screws holding the backing plate on. The battery sits right below the foot-switch. I think you can handle the rest.


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