Midnight 30 Music Starry Night Delay w/tails

Maker: Midnight 30 Music

Model: Starry Night Delay w/trails

Condition: New



The Starry Night Delay is an incredibly warm sounding delay circuit that sounds as close as you can get to an analog delay! What makes this effect stand out among the rest is in the way the repeats are filtered allowing even the longest delay times to remain warm and clear.

Another feature that makes this delay stand out is a momentary detune stomp switch. The wobble knob controls how long the decay will last. This is not a modulation control, it is a crazy detune of the delay signal that can be a ton of fun when used in the right place!

The Starry Night Delay starts with a professionally fabricated circuit board and is made with the finest electronics parts, switches and wire. It's hand built and wired from my workbench in upstate NY!

The circuit was designed by electronics genius "culturejam." The layout and modifications are by midnight30music.

REMINDER: This version is NOT equipped with tap tempo...

    Type: Delay

    Vendor: Midnight 30 Music

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