Midnight 30 Music Overdrive No.30+

Maker: Midnight 30 Music

Model: Overdrive No.30+ (Adam Lopez Special)

Condition: New



The Overdrive No.30+ is a combination drive pedal that puts two OD No.30's in one enclosure. The OD No.30 has been sold all over the world and is noted for being a simple, low parts count overdrive with unique character made mostly by it's creative use of clipping diodes in the overdrive setting. The Overdrive No.30+ takes it a step further by offering 2 overdrive settings on each side. 

-When the toggle's are at the right it gives the overdrive sound a clear, smooth grit made with a humble 1N4148 diode and a green 3mm LED. 
-When the toggles are in the middle the clipping diodes are taken out of the circuit leaving you with something that works like a clean"ish" boost pedal. Many people use this setting for either a boost or a tone shaping "always on" pedal. 
-When the toggle's are to the right it brings in something special, a vintage NOS diode that can take the player into smooth, gritty territory. When using them both together you can even get into a crazy fuzz kind of sound.

Using the two circuits together gives near infinite possibilities, all while maintaining the clarity of your guitar and amp. They have impeccable picking dynamics and incredible tone.

It's made from the very finest parts: Allan & Bradley resistors, Polypropylene capacitors (the same used in amps builds), the finest switches and jacks, and is assembled by hand at our upstate NY work bench.

Adam Lopez put together a very fine demo video so check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

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