Midnight 30 Music Midnight Rambler

Maker: Midnight 30 Music

Model: Midnight Rambler

Condition: New



The Midnight Rambler is inspired by the Muff sounds of Jack White and is a slap in the face at the buzz over “transparent” overdrives.   Now don’t get me wrong, I love overdrives that allow the character of the your guitar and amp to shine through but sometimes we’re just looking for something big, thick sounding and full of boisterous character.  That’s where the Midnight Rambler fits in!
Like most Midnight30 pedals, The Midnight Rambler is designed to be versatile and easy to use.  The drive is a Muff inspired (triangle) voiced drive that has great low-end response.  One tester writes, “The bass response in this one is really great, and I love that it gets close to zero gain when it’s down.  It is thick, has good midrange presence without being too much.”
The right side (boost) is an independent boost switch.  It can be used by itself or together with the overdrive.  When used independently it makes a fantastic clean(ish) boost and when used together with the drive it takes the whole pedal into different sonic levels creating loud, harmonic overdrive.
It’s powered by a standard 9v DC (negative tip) adaptor, is wired true bypass and is hand built one at a time with the finest parts I can get my hands on at my work bench in upstate NY.


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