Mercy Seat Horns of Jericho Tap Tremolo

Maker: Mercy Seat

Model: Horns of Jericho Tap Tremolo

Condition: New


Description:  "Looking to add some sonic texture to your sound? Tremolo is an often overlooked effect that can really take your tone to an exciting and wonderful place. 

The idea is simple, but the results can make an otherwise boring guitar part sound way cool.
The Horns of Jericho tap tremolo pedal covers every aspect of trem you could need, and a few you don't! The depth knob goes from nothing to an all out throb or even an on/off pulse depending on the waveform selected. Speaking of waveforms, while other builders think 3 or 4 waveforms are enough to satisfy, the HoJ gives you 8!
Ramp up, ramp down, triangle, sine, pulse, u valley, n hill, and random. 
But we don't stop there. We also give you 6 different time multipliers for tapping in the perfect trem effect.
1/2, 1/4, triplet, 1/8, dotted 1/8 and 1/16 note are all attainable with the multiplication dial. Simply set it and tap regular quarter notes and let the multipler do the rest.

"If you're looking for that wo-wo-wo-womp the Horns of Jericho is where it's at."

Type: Tremolo

Vendor: Mercy Seat

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