Mantic Effects Flex XS

Maker: Mantic Effects

Model: Flex

Condition: New 



**A special edition of the Mantic Flex in a small enclosure with top mount jacks**

Word is spreading fast about this boundary pushing, all analog, synth-glitch-fuzz envelope follower!

Glitched out pitch-mod growls with cerebrum piercing sqwuelches, angry-duck-funk quack, and gargling stutters are all just at the surface of the Flex's sonic potential.

Notable users include Adrian Belew, Nick Reinhardt, Jack White, and Ikey Owens

Please allow 2-4 week turnaround for backorders

-"money &" filter switches are now standard

-30mA current draw

"Get Flexed!"

    Type: Modulation

    Vendor: Mantic Effects

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