Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath Deluxe

Maker: Lone Wolf Audio

Model: Left Hand Wrath Deluxe

Condition: New 


Just when you thought it couldnt be done, Lone Wolf topped the LHW.

All new features to further chainsaw your tone to hell and back,

- 10 position midrange Inductor, 6 High mid settings, 4 low mid settings, Perfect for dialing the exact tone for your guitar and amp combo. 
- proprietary clean blend circuit with 0 phase issues, Perfect for Bass players. 
- Sub mid Frequency control to open op a whole new realm of HM2 tones for the new era. 
-Footswitchable mode control for Vintage/Modern operation.

And as always the stock 6 knob layout that we did and perfected before everyone else was even thinking about it.

    Type: Distortion

    Vendor: Lone Wolf Audio

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