Lone Wolf Audio '83 retrowave delay

Maker: Lone Wolf Audio

Model: '83 retrowave delay

Condition: New 


The idea for this is a delay capable of the sounds of new wave , horror / sci fi soundtracks , and an all around killer delay.

3 modes

The "wraith " +\- octave pitch delay with modulation between steps

The "phantom " filtered delay

And the "void" studio digital delay

Footswitchable EXP jack parameter swap from delay time to the unique control of each mode, something never before done in an FV1 based pedal.

The ExP jack also features another first , an attenuation control to fine tune the range of the exp sweep.

This product is not intended for use with a daisy chain type budget power supply, the use of a quality, isolated and regulated supply on the 100ma tap is needed for optimal function.

    Type: Delay

    Vendor: Lone Wolf Audio

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