Jext TELEZ Buzz Tone Germanium Fuzz

Maker: Jext Telez

Model: Buzz Tone

Condition: New 


Standard Edition of Grey with Copper Sparkle Jext Telez Buzz Tone pedals featuring a holy mix of germanium.  This standard edition includes many transistors from our vintage vault including OC44, OC71, AC125, AC128, AC188, 2n404, 2n426 and a few others.  All transistors are vintage original Mullard, Tungsram, GE, RCA, etc..  These sound just as spectacular as our Limited Editions Blue.  Though the transistors are a mix of germanium rarities, we have used our formula for each position and made each pedal smoke as hard as the next.

Our finest germanium perfectly measured into a vintage roar. This is our interpretation of the pedal most commonly known to form the tonal 'scape of Pink Floyd's 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn'-- as used at that time by Syd Barrett.
Primordial vintage distortion.


The original ran on 3 volt (2xAA). We found that 9 Volts is super charged and 6 Volts is the perfect blend between the super squish of the original 3 and the supercharge. So we gave you all three options-- Along with our trademark soft white LED, glossy paints and Moroccan tinged third order silk-screens, this hidden gem of rock purity is now streamlined to make historic tones again.  

Amp-like, harmonic deep richness, touch sensitive dynamic control over one of the classiest germanium distortions out there.  Sorta Fuzz Face meets Fuzz-Tone.  A Germanium Uni-Drive. Enjoyment factor is extremely high and usability of tone is off the charts.  There are no weird quirks or strange notches-- it's full range, open, natural, pure.  The distortion is on the order of a great Marshall or Vox amp.  It's that freaking great-- transforms the clean amp into a rock-n-roll machine and add it to a saturated rig, you are going to get the next level of archeology.  Dig into this dirt.  The bones you discover are your own.  Brush them off.  

Open an exhibition based on you.  

It will fuzz the lead lines like it wants to fold in on itself if you dig in.  

It will CLEAN up with the volume knob better than any other pedal I've ever experienced.


This pedal fits into the rock tone spectrum so well, file under British, file under pedal as Lion, file under makes any Hi-Watt or Marshall or Fender open up and grab your balls with its left, your throat with its right. Break your back? No. You now have this under YOUR control and are the one exerting this fear, rock fear, pure, and wonderful, upon the acid gazing drooler.

This is a full-fledged rock classic. I just tested the first 10 and I'm blown away. Rock tones from the dawn of psychedelics through all the classiest talking midrange gods of the last 50+ years.  Exceedingly high quality, in your face, gritty, raw. I did a spot on 'Paranoid' with a 1969 SG Jr, P90 with the tone rolled off. I was hearing Lynyrd Skynyrd tones. Then it unleashes into vicious fuzz when you lay in. Super dynamic. Volume knob rewards are plentiful.  

    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Jext Telez

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