JAM Pedals TubeDreamer 58 Mk.2

Maker: JAM Pedals

Model: TubeDreamer 58

Condition: New



The TubeDreamer58 is our take on the greatest Tubescreamer 808 you could ever get !

Vintage sounding overdrive made with carbon-comp resistors for pure vintage sound ! The TubeDreamer line is specifically aimed at getting you the sound and feel of a great, fine-tuned vintage tube amp, pushed to various degrees of overdrive. They all offer a lot more clarity than typical overdrive units. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be lost or buried !

The TD58 offers a carefully tuned, added midrange frequency register, that delivers warm and rich overdriven sound through any amp ! A pivotal difference between the TD58 and other Tubescreamers, is that we chose to go with 3 diodes for asymmetrical clipping instead of symmetrical, enhancing the responsiveness of the pedal to fretting and picking nuance.

The TD58 delivers its classic sound through using the JRC4558D chip just like in the original, sought-after 808’s. If you’re after that classic Stevie Ray “howl” and more, then this is the pedal for you !

Our new TD58 mk.2 version is featuring a High-Gain toggle-switch


“I’m back on tour now and have the TubeDreamer58 with me in my pedalboard.”   Bill Frisell

    Type: Overdrive

    Vendor: JAM Pedals

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