JAM Pedals Lucy Dreamer Supreme OD/Boost

Maker: JAM Pedals

Model: Lucy Dreamer Supreme

Condition: New




The LucyDreamer Supreme is our new flagship 2-in-1 OD/Boost, featuring our new transparent Overdrive with Dry / Wet Mix, alongside a Boost we carefully voiced to compliment the OD side when running either in pre or post mode.

*Both the Overdrive and Boost sides of the LucyDreamer Supreme work as standalone pedals.

The Overdrive Controls:

  • Right Footswitch: Engages the Overdrive Circuit
  • L: Level of Overdrive Circuit
  • T: Tone of Overdrive Circuit
  • G: Gain Range of Overdrive Circuit
  • M: Adjusts the ratio between the Clean and Overdriven Signal (Dry / Wet Mix)
  • Toggle: Choose between High and Low gain modes

The Boost Controls:

  • Left Footswitch: Engages the Boost Circuit
  • B: Level of Boost Circuit
  • Toggle: Sets the position of the Boost – Pre or Post – relative to the OD
  • Internal Trimmer: Determines the minimum Boost Level; setting the trimmer to the minimum value, allows you to use the Boost as a master volume control with an Expression pedal

Expression Inputs:

  • We incorporated a couple of expression inputs that grant maximum creative control and versatility.
  • The EXP MIX expression IN , allows you to regulate the ratio between your clean and overdriven signal, while
  • Τhe EXP BOOST expression IN allows you to determine the amount of Boost / Cut you wish to apply.
  • Both EXP modes will work flawlessly with common third party Expression Pedals


  • True-Bypass
  • Controls : Level , Tone, Gain, High Gain toggle-switch, Dry/Wet mix, Boost Level, minimum boost level internal trimmer
  • Works with a 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC-adaptor (negative tip)
  • Uses only 12mA of power when ON
  • Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm
  • Weight : 0,35 kg  /  0,8 lb
  • Limited Life-time warranty !



      Type: Overdrive

      Vendor: JAM Pedals

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