Function f(x) Third Rail Dual Channel Overdrive

Maker: Function f(x)

Model: Third Rail Dual Channel Overdrive

Condition: New 


Description: The Third Rail is our first foray into the overdrive realm. Our design objective was to create a versatile overdrive that could deliver a range of compression, saturation and touch sensitivity to excite the sophisticated ears of modern players. We quickly figured out that while our design sounded great on its own, putting two of the circuits in one box pretty well blew our minds and ears!

he Third Rail features two independent discrete overdrives utilizing NPN transistors. Each channel is identical and includes a diode clipping switch and one unique switching option. The Clip switch lets you choose between Schottky, no diodes, or silicon diode clipping for different levels of compression, touch sensitivity and headroom. The left channel has a high Gain switch and the right channel has a Bass cut. All of the options will let you tailor the Third Rail precisely to your rig.

Each channel can be run independent from one another or in series. Choose a single channel for rhythm playing or low gain leads. Slam both channels into action for high gain saturation and compression. We also give you three bypass modes to choose from: one on at a time, toggle between each channel, or switch both channels on at once (with momentary bypass on the second footswitch for stutter effects). Best of all, the Third Rail remembers which mode you prefer even if you unplug the power supply!

  • Wide variety of tonal options from six control knobs, four toggle switches, and three bypass modes
  • Three diode clipping options independent to each overdrive channel
  • Relay-based bypass switching system for click-free switching
  • Multiple bypass modes for maximum flexibility in live situations
  • Powder-coated and laser-etched aluminum enclosure for great looks and durability
  • Operates on +9V DC center-negative power, the industry standard

      Type: Overdrive

      Vendor: Function f(x)

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