Foxpedal Slow Hound Overdrive / Boost

Maker: Foxpedal

Model: Slow Hound

Condition: New



The Slow Hound brings you all those classic strat and tele tones you love with sparkling clarity, with a tone control that makes it play well with humbuckers to boot. Put it into Howl mode for your solos or lead lines and you might never turn it off. Featuring 3 cascading gain stages, this dog is a real workhorse of tone. Take him for a walk, if you think you can handle him. Don't worry, he takes it slow.


  • High capacitance power filtering for super clean signal
  • Level, Gain, and Tone controls
  • Secondary boost switch and boost level control for soloing
  • Handwired construction 
  • Vintage Davies-style knobs
  • Quality hand-wired open frame jacks
  • Power: Standard 9 volt DC/ negative center, NO internal battery option.
  • 3PDT True Bypass Footswitch


4.7"W  x  3.7"H  x  1.2"D

Type: Overdrive

Vendor: Foxpedal

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