Fender Special Edition Jazzmaster HH w/matching headstock

Maker: Fender

Model: Jazzmaster HH

Condition: Excellent



A rare white opal with matching headstock special edition Fender Jazzmaster from 2016. Excellent shape throughout with only light marks, no major dings/dents/chips. Frets are near mint. Looks like it was barely played.


Original info:

Special Edition Finish with Rosewood Fingerboard

Feast your eyes on this Fender Special Edition Jazzmaster HH. You won't be able to take your eyes off of this solidbody electric guitar's Special Edition White Opal finish, embellished with an attractive pearloid pickguard and matching headstock. Experience massive high-gain power from two Blacktop open-coil humbucking pickups. A coil-splitting push-pull switch unlocks even more sonic possibilities. Your fingers will delight in the Special Edition Jazzmaster HH's exceptionally playable rosewood-capped Modern C-shaped neck. A vintage-style floating vibrato tops off the Fender Special Edition Jazzmaster HH solidbody electric guitar.

Offset-waist body provides balance and comfort

Curvaceous, distinctive, and cool, this Fender Special Edition Jazzmaster HH's offset-waist body isn't just stylish - it's also well-balanced and remarkably comfortable. When we played the Special Edition Jazzmaster HH here at Sweetwater, we found it to be stable and balanced when played in the standing position utilizing a guitar strap and especially comfortable when played in a seated position, as many jazz and blues artists prefer to do.

Dual humbuckers deliver supercharged tone

For this Special Edition Jazzmaster HH, Fender changed out the typical Jazzmaster single-coil pickups for a pair of Blacktop open-coil humbuckers. You can coax anything from classic glassy-clean Fender tones to rich, meaty humbucker tones out of these flexible tone machines. On top of that, you get a coil-splitting push-pull switch built into this guitar's tone knob, providing you with plenty of tonal versatility. This Special Edition Jazzmaster HH was designed to be a flexible guitar that's ready for any situation.

The Jazzmaster is all about great tone, playability, and individuality

This Fender Jazzmaster has a colorful backstory. By the late '50s, Leo Fender had some new tricks up his sleeve, and a number of design refinements were infused into the Jazzmaster when it was introduced as an upscale alternative to the Stratocaster and Telecaster in 1958. The Jazzmaster featured a radical-for-the-time (but incredibly comfortable) contoured offset-waist body, dual lead and rhythm circuits, and single-coil pickups that produced a richer, warmer sound than its stablemates. The Jazzmaster was originally aimed at, you guessed it, jazz guitarists, but it found a home in the burgeoning surf music scene of the early '60s. Today, the Jazzmaster is celebrated as one of the two alternative Fenders (the short-scale Jaguar being the other), and it is making music in the hands of artists as diverse as Elvis Costello, J. Mascis, and Thurston Moore.

Fender Special Edition Jazzmaster HH Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Jazzmaster with Special Edition finish and pearloid pickguard
  • Blacktop open-coil humbucking pickups deliver massive high-gain power
  • Coil-splitting push-pull switch unlocks a plethora of sonic personalities
  • Eminently playable Modern C-shaped neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Vintage-style floating tremolo for bending, twisting, and diving

      Type: Guitars

      Vendor: Fender

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