Big Ear n.y.c. Frank Overdrive

Maker: Big Ear n.y.c.

Model: Frank Overdrive

Condition: New


Description: FRANK is an LED based, low-gain boost/overdrive utilizing a Burr Brown op-amp to achieve a saturated amplifier-like drive without over-coloring your tone.

With the Gain knob on its lowest setting, FRANK can be used as a gorgeous and sparkly clean boost. Turn the gain a little past noon and FRANK will start to push your amp into a very natural and pleasant sounding breakup!

An internal “Body” trip pot allows you to tailor the voicing of the drive to fit with whatever amp and guitar combo you may be using. We have it set somewhere in the middle when we ship it out!

All BIG EAR n.y.c. pedals come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship! 

    Type: Overdrive

    Vendor: Big Ear N.Y.C.

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