Dwarfcraft Devices Twin Stags Double Tremolo

Maker: Dwarfcraft Devices 

Model: Twin Stags Double Tremolo

Condition: New


Description: Here is our first modulation pedal, the Twin Stags Double Tremolo.  Two fully featured tremolo circuits are packed into the extra thick enclosure, offering trem speeds from “are you sure it’s going?” slow to “ring mod” fast.  The triangle core LFOs can be skewed from ramp to saw, and all points between.

To compliment the series trem circuits there is control voltage in and
out via 1/8” jacks for seamless integration with Eurorack synthesizer
modules and systems. LFO 2 can also be used to modulate the speed of LFO 1.

The Twin Stags also features two expression pedal inputs, one to
control the rate of each LFO.

All these features come together in a subtly designed enclosure to
provide maximum sound quantity and quality in a compact package.  

    Type: Tremolo

    Vendor: Dwarfcraft Devices

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