Dwarfcraft Devices Ghost Fax

Maker: Dwarfcraft Devices 

Model: Ghost Fax

Condition: New




The Ghost Fax is a deep dive into the limits of the phaser. Customers can be assured to get to new phase sounds that haven't been heard in the pedal context previously. The feature set is simple enough for very basic phaser operations but additional settings that dig into some of the most esoteric phase sounds are easily accessible as well. Several primary modes like "Standard, Manual, Envelope Up and Envelope Down" add structural variability that allows the more minute settings to interact and function in different yet repeatable ways. The PAUSE footswitch can be used to "freeze" the phase settings at any time and a "secret" menu is available for those who want to dive in all the way! Absolutely nothing has been spared to make the Ghost Fax a lasting favorite in the always adventurous lineup presented by Dwarfcraft. 

    Type: Phaser

    Vendor: Dwarfcraft Devices

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