Dr. Scientist BoostBot buffer/booster/level meter (Yellow)

Maker: Dr. Scientist 

Model: BoostBot

Condition: New 


New from Dr Scientist - he BoostBot a little always on buffer/booster/level meter. 

The buffer/booster circuit is the same from the Reverberator, a very popular and great sounding clean boost that's clean and loud.  It's op-amp based and built out of really nice components like WIMA film caps, Nichicon Muse caps, 1% metal film resistors, NE5532P op-amp, Neutrick jacks, Alpha clear shaft pot.  The real time level meter is a neat vintage style 10 segment bar graph LED.  They're high impedance in, low impedance out, can do a clean boost of around 20dB at 9VDC, safe up to 24VDC. 

Type: Boost

Vendor: Dr. Scientist

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