Dr. No Effects Troy Van Leeuwen TVL Raven Filter & Boost

Maker: Dr. No 

Model: TVL Raven Filter & Boost

Condition: New



The Collaboration between Troy van Leeuwen and Dr. No started after a gig in Amsterdam, were Troy van Leeuwen was playing with Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression in May 2016. Troy Van Leeuwen, (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, Sweethead, Gone is Gone), asked Dr. No if he would be interested in doing a project with him.

Totally unprepared for this question, but as a great fan and honored by the request, Dr. No left the venue and after missing his last train back spent night at the train station brainstorming.

After a long search and a few prototypes, Dr. No came to the conclusion that Troy’s wish list wasn’t able to fit in one pedal. It was decided that to recreate the spectrum of unorthodox tones it would require two enclosures and two different concepts. The signature QOTSA sound was a guideline with Troy Van Leeuwen telling Dr. No some of his sonic secrets that he wanted to capture in this project.

The RAVEN completes the serie, that together with the TVL Octavia, that has been developed over the past nine months in collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age member Troy van Leeuwen.

The RAVEN contains a filter and booster effect that can work separately as well as together.

Functions Filter:
(RAVEN Skull knob) Capacitor switch for three different ranges.
“Q” range potentiometer for filter Q.

Functions Booster:
Volume boost knob.


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