Daredevil Pedals Atomic Cocked + Fearless

Maker: Daredevil Pedals

Model: Cocked + Fearless

Condition: New



2 great circuits. 1 pedal.

The Fearless distortion boasts dual channel gain with Hi and Low settings, coupled with the classic fixed wah tones of the Atomic Cock.
Wah filtering can be stomped in or out of the signal path and blended to control how present the effect is in the distortion circuit.

The Fearless is a Daredevil original design op amp distortion, powerful attack but warm and dynamic as well. Low channel gets dirty, bluesy, and vintage, covering all your old school Marshall / Blackface Fender territory. Hi gain setting builds up to a huge saturated tone with big bottom and very full midrange.

All hand wired, all true bypass. Built in Chicago, IL.

    Type: Wah

    Vendor: Daredevil Pedals

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