Creepy Fingers Regulus 8 Fuzz

Maker: Creepy Fingers

Model: Regulus 8

Condition: New



 Creepy Fingers is Brad Davis - bassist for Fu Manchu and master of high-end hand-wired pedal creations.

Based upon the fuzz circuit used by Sergio Dias from Os Mutantes. Additions include a sustain control and noise gate. Internal trimpots can be used to alter the fatness and clipping threshold. Lots of tones are available from ripping gated fuzz tones to dirty boost overdrive depending on the settings. Pedal features true bypass switching. Switchcraft jacks. 9v negative tip battery eliminator jack. White led indicator. Hand wired using high quality components and hand selected transistors


    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Creepy Fingers

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