Classic Audio Yukon Reverb Preset

Maker: Classic Audio Effects

Model: Yukon Reverb Preset

Condition: New



The Yukon reverb is the radical redesign of our now retired Amethyst Reverb. Taking the best qualities of the Amethyst we were able to condense the design into a smaller footprint while maintaining the original integrity of the design.

The Yukon reverb is a room style reverb that is able to navigate from small subtle room refraction all the way to large concert hall levels of reverb. Featuring a tails knob, a mix knob and a reverb knob, the Yukon is an extremely easy to use but still very versatile effect. Don't let the small size fool you, this baby is a reverb machine!

The preset version also features the unique ability to be able to store and recall 5 unique presets that can be activated with the simple tap of the foot. Perfect for storing your favorite sounds without having to fidget with knobs in the middle of a live show!

Type: reverb

Vendor: Classic Audio

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