Chase Bliss Audio Habit Experimental Delay w/ Memory

Maker: Chase Bliss

Model: Habit

Condition: New



Habit is a delay with a memory. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Gather up loops, design echo patterns, and harmonize with yourself from two minutes ago. 

It’s an effect that can be turned into an instrument on a whim, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do. Or it could just be a fun echo.

Use Habit’s interconnected machinery to design new rhythms and patterns.

Shape your echoes with two banks of modifiers.

Scan freely through the memory, or let Habit do it for you.

Collect free-form compositions by simply playing into the pedal.

Habit’s secret is a digital tape reel that records every sound that enters the pedal. As long as Habit is on, it’s recording. 

At any moment, you can scan back into this history and play moments from the past–instead of, or alongside the present. This architecture makes a pile of interesting things possible: never-before-heard delays, bizarre loops and transitions, and even entire songs captured right inside the pedal.


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