Catalinbread CSIDMAN Stutter Delay

Maker: Catalinbread

Model: CSIDMAN Stutter Delay

Condition: New



The first thing to keep in mind about the CSIDMAN is that it completely embraces and makes no apologies for the fact that it is digital (though it does have a 100% analog dry path). Digital is the CSIDMAN’s aesthetic: as a delay pedal, it strives to reproduce echoes as true to the input as possible without filtering. When you utilize its scratched disc, stuttery, and glitchy behaviors, it is pseudo-random, yet gives you a certain amount of “control” over the randomness. 



TIME Controls the echo delay line’s delay time up to 725mS, as well as the rate of the glitch.

MIX Gives you control over the wet/dry balance from 100% wet to 100% dry.

FEED Controls the amount of feedback going back into the unit.

CUTS (used in conjunction with the LATCH knob) controls the buffer memory length.

LATCH controls the relative time in a cycle that the CSIDMAN is in a latching skipping state. When full counterclockwise, it doesn’t skip, allowing you to use the pedal as a traditional digital delay. When full clockwise, the unit is stuck repeating whatever is in the buffer memory. At noon, this knob is a 50/50 balance (though random) between a skip-playback state and non-skip sample state.





For skipping CD behaviors:

MIX full clockwise

FEED full counter-clockwise, though turning it up creates cool overloading effects that responds to playing dynamics.

TIME to taste

CUTS above noon

LATCH above noon


For an “ambient collaborator” behavior:

MIX Noon or to taste.

FEED anywhere turning it up creates cool overloading effects that responds to playing dynamics, but can run away regardless of MIX setting.

TIME to taste, but I like starting from 9 to 12 O’clock

CUTS just below noon

LATCH noonish


For a traditional digital delay set up:

Set your LATCH knob full counter-clockwise, ignore the CUTS knob, and use your TIME, MIX, FEED knobs for the desired sound as you would a traditional delay.


Type: Delay

Vendor: Catalinbread

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