Cameltone Electronics Nard

Maker: Cameltone

Model: Nard

Condition: New



"I've been searching my whole life for a distortion that could do [Weezer’s] “THE BLUE ALBUM IN A BOX” and capture the thick over-tracked sound of the 90s…” Words written by Evan BerNARD (The Superweaks) in a letter to his friend, Jesse (Brand New), explaining that he had finally found his holy grail dirt machine. The NARD is a field-effect transistor based distortion that was designed to push any amp into high gain territory without sacrificing the the natural character of your instrument or amplifier. The texture, organic and not overly compressed, is paired with gentle presence boost that pushes any instrument to the front of a mix. 

Users: Weezer, The Superweaks, Brand New, Modern Baseball, Tera Melos, Portugal The Man, Joyce Manor, mewithoutYou, Lithuania, Sorority Noise, Thin Lips


    Type: Distortion

    Vendor: Cameltone

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