Blackout Effectors FUBAR Fuzz

Maker: Blackout Effectors

Model: FUBAR Fuzz

Condition: New 


Description:  The newly expanded, ultra tweaked-out interpretation of the fuzzmess previously, lovingly, known as the Fuzz Bear. Utilize the new SAG/EXP footswitch to flip between your SAG knob setting and expression pedal OR the new EXP knob (a 2nd SAG knob working as a preset). A new internal dip switch allows you to set the EXP knob to run in parallel to your expression pedal. Or, set it so that your plugged in expression pedal bypasses the EXP knob. This opens up functionality for the widest range of expression pedals.

Top-mounted jacks

Expression pedal control of voltage sag amount

Forgo the exp pedal and use the EXP control as a 2nd sag preset

2-color LED lets you know which SAG/EXP mode you're in at a glance

True-bypass switching

Made by hand in ASHEVILLE, NC U.S.A.


    Type: Fuzz

    Vendor: Blackout Effectors

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