TomKat Pedals Killer Fuzz

Maker: TomKat Pedals

Model: Killer Fuzz

Condition: New



My version of the classic silicone fuzz face circuit. Based off of the old Sam Ash Fuzz-stianer. It has an interesting tone circuit that goes from nasal fully CCW, flat in the middle, and bassier/muddier fully CW. This fuzz is pretty dynamic at lower settings and the three controls are quite interactive. You can go from tonebender-ish to muff-ish tones.

Like a hungry wolf in a whiteout, the Killer Fuzz can adapt to a wide range of tonal conditions, digest any level of signal source and excrete blats of buttery splutter, wooly warmth or even gritty clean fuzz-overdrive with the guitar volume backed off. 


Level- Volume of the pedal.

Fuzz- Amount of fuzz. Has a very usable range. 

Tone- Thin fully CCW, Thick fully CW.

Works with regular boss-style negative center 9V power supply. No battery option.

Uses secret old stock transistors from the Ukraine. 

The white indicator LED's are mounted in the wolves eyes.

Artwork by Liam Sparkes laser etched onto enclosures by BKLZR.

Type: Fuzz

Vendor: TomKat Pedals

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