TomKat Pedals Bender Fuzz

Maker: TomKat Pedals

Model: Bender Fuzz

Condition: New



This is my take on the classic Sola Sound Tonebender Mark 2 Professional fuzz pedal. I used old-stock germanium transistors that I matched myself for what I think is a crunchy, classic fuzz tone.

I've included a voltage inverter in my circuit to provide the transistors with the proper negative voltage they need and you can still daisy chain this pedal with your other effects.

Level- Volume of the pedal.

Fuzz- Amount of fuzz.

Text- Changes the texture, or bias of the last transistor in the circuit. Takes the fuzz from mushy CCW to crunchy CW.

Works with regular boss-style negative center 9V power supply and can be daisy chained with other effects. There is no battery option on this pedal.

Uses AC125 and 1T313V germanium transistors.

Type: Fuzz

Vendor: TomKat Pedals

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